Artist statement

As an artist it is possible to focus on a specific subject. Through this focus you can persuade people to think about this subject as well. In fact, art is a way to communicate and can be a vehicle to reach past the boundaries of language and to communicate in a deeper and more sensitive layer of complexity and experience.

Deaf, dumb and blind, mezzotint, 2019.

It is difficult to explain how communication through art works. For example, how do you know if someone understands the work the way you intended it and how important is it to be understood? Understanding and communication  also have to do with vulnerability. How much of yourself and your way of thinking are you willing and comfortable to show to others? The way I perceive my works is different from other people. I can accept that someone else might see something completely different in a work I made. I believe your view and interpretation is just as truthful as my own and that there is no predetermined truth. This means that I can create the most personal and vulnerable works without having to fear that someone might insult me through their own interpretation or criticism.

Am I not living up to what I am supposed to be, photopolymer etching, 2014.

I feel connected to the world we live in and the society I am a part of. I feel this connection not only as a human being but as an artist as well. Subjects that are about emotion, the human psyche, human behaviour and morality have been the inspiration of many of my works. Topics that might be difficult or confrontational  to put in words like loneliness; jealousy; vulnerability; betrayal; anger; addiction; pride; loss or love are just a few examples of things that are present in my work. I want to show authentic situations while leaving the door open for humour to enter my works because I believe humour makes otherwise confrontational subjects easier to grasp.

I would describe my work as visual poetry. Even though the works have narrative elements they do not always show you the complete story. You see intermediate moments and something important seems to have happened or is about to happen. Through the use of metaphors, my own personal symbolism and philosophical questions through the titles, I am trying to motivate people to dig deeper into their own life and personality to discover more about themselves. With recognition of a moment, emotion or thought as the essence, I am subtly trying to push you to think.

Don´t forget to forget me, photopolymer etching, 2016.

Since I am part of this world and society I feel a responsibility to stay critical about myself, other people and about the things that happen in the world. Contemporary artists and the ones from the past have sometimes been chroniclers of their time and can capture a zeitgeist in their works.
While this is not necessarily my goal it is important for me to make works that are sincere and honest in the portrayal of these contemporary times. I recognise that the role and function of artists has changed through history and I believe that in these chaotic and troublesome times it is important for me as an artist to help people to think (critically).


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