Now on show in Kunstenlab; Deventer!
Havenplein 20; 7411 ME 

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“In this book you will find the body of work created between November 2018 and January 2020. With the help of the Mondriaan fund, who gave me a grant for young talent for this period, I was able to create this series. For some years now I have been thinking about creating a large series of works through which I can visually reflect on the society that I am part of. To bind this series together, I decided to look at the evolution of morality through the ages and how it has become a part of our contemporary western society. It is fascinating to me how we in our society deal with morality and how we categorise good and evil. I am part of this world and society and I feel it is my responsibility as an artist to remain critical about the things that I see happening in the world. Since I neither have the power or influence to change things directly, I will use what I do best, which is making art.” — Sjoerd Tegelaers